Saturday, March 11, 2017

Minimalist Office

Hi there,
It finally feels like Spring today. I was able to be outside and go for a run and a bike ride. My bike has been fixed so I can start riding it. I live close to a lot of shopping centers so I won't need to drive. I can just ride my bike and get my groceries as well as my exercise at the same. Its been a busy Saturday for me. I got my condo spring cleaned today - getting everything decluttered and cleaned. The last thing I did was to go through any old papers, bills, receipts, anything that I don't need any more and throw it away. I don't have an office space in my condo because I keep my laptop underneath my coffee table and my documents are stored in a 3 drawer cart and everything is organized in folders. I have one folder for insurance, one for house, one for bills, etc. Having an organized office will save you time and money - plus you will be able to be more productive if everything is put in place.

Here are some of my favorite designs for an office: I really like clean and white offices with some color.





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