Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Digital Detox

Hi there,
Its almost Spring time. The daylight savings time happened on Sunday. I am still adjusting. It will take me a week to get used to it. I do like how its lighter at night and the day is longer. Today's post will be about doing a digital detox. In today's world, we spend so much time on our phones, computer, watching TV, etc. I am guilty of this. I used to spend so much time on my phone browsing on the Internet, pinterest, Facebook, etc. This year I decided to not be online a lot. My job has me on the computer from 8 to 5 everyday so when I get home, I try not to be on my phone, computer or watch TV. I will do a post on a creating a night time routine.

Here is how to do a digital detox:

Smart phone - get rid of apps you don't use, social media, emails, I only use my phone for calls and texts. Turn off notifications

Computer - clean up your desktop, use your computer only for an hour (check emails, pay bills, etc).

TV - I try to watch TV only for a couple hours a week maybe 2. I do have some of my favorite shows I like to watch.

Its important to disconnect from technology and be present with your loved ones and explore other things that is not technology based.

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